3D Printed Jewellery
What material is your Jewellery?
We do a range of materials. Depending on the design of the item and the range materials vary from Nylon through to Gold. Each item will have materials details listed. If you require further information please send us an email with your enquiry and we will get back to you.
How long does it take to ship?
Our stock levels are shown in real time online. If your item is not in stock, provide your email address when selecting the item you want and we will be in touch to get your item ready as soon as possible.
Who designs the ranges you stock?
Our 3D printed Jewellery is designed and printed by Nervous System (www.N-E-R-V-O-U-S.com). Nervous System are a generative design studio that prides itself on quality and intricate designs. We are proud stockists of Nervous System Jewellery, and welcome you to our store to explore the different ranges on offer.
Are you looking for designers?
Yes! We are working with an ever expanding range of designers, jewellery makers and manufacturers to expand our stocked ranges. If you interested in joining our growing network of designers, please drop us an email explaining your interests and share some of your previous work. Send your email to: Info@code3d.co.uk.
Do you do custom designs?
Yes, we do. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.
Is it possible to try before buying?
Yes, this is something we are very keen on! We have all our stocked items on display for you to try. We believe it is important that customers are able to wear and try items before they buy. Drop in to our store for a chat! Please also note our returns and refund policy.
What is your returns policy?
We are happy to exchange 3D printed jewellery within 14 days of delivery or purchase in store. All we ask is that items have not been worn, are in the original packaging, and returned to us in "as-new" condition. Drop us an email at info@Code3D.co.uk, or call in to our store if you need to return any items.
How long will my scan take?
You will need to visit out store to be scanned and you should be done in 10 minutes.
Can you scan anything?
Almost! We utilise a number of different scanning systems to ensure we capture ultra-high detail 3D scans. Whilst we are able to overcome most challenges, the following may result in a lower accuracy scan: 1. Shiny and reflective materials 2. Transparent and opaque materials If possible the above materials should be avoided. Our team will discuss your particular requirements with you.
When will my TinyTwin3D be ready?
As with any high demand service we aim to complete your order as soon as possible. Your TinyTwin should be ready in 2-3 weeks, often sooner. TinyTwins can be shipped quicker as part of our priority service. Please request and discuss this with our team (extra charges apply).
Will my TinyTwin3D break?
Your TinyTwin3D will be created using ZCorp Printers, this means we can print up to 390,000 colours. The material, a gypsum (also referred to Sandstone), is relatively robust but does not do too well when in contact with water and does not survive large impacts such as falls. So, your TinyTwin3D will not be going swimming with you and please don't take your TinyTwin sky diving!
What materials are available?
We can print in full colour sandstone. Monochrome printing can also be done in a variety of plastics and polymers. We are also able to print in Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel, Silver, Gold and Titanium. These materials are priced individually, please get in touch to discuss these options.
What if I am not happy with my TinyTwin?
Your TinyTwin is as unique as you and we stand by the quality of our 3D scans and printing. As you have probably guessed, your TinyTwin is custom printed for you. For this reason we unable to accept returns or offer refunds unless we determine a defect in the 3D scan or 3D print. During your visit to our store you will have chance to view the quality and detail of our scan. We use our display TinyTwins as benchmarks against refund requests. We will however, do everything we can to ensure you are completely satisfied with your TinyTwin. In the unlikely event you are not happy with your TinyTwin, please do get in touch, in person, via email or give us a call.
What is your Return Policy?
If you are not happy with you 3D jewellery for what ever reason we apply a 14 day returns policy. In summary, as long as the items are in "as new" condition and in the original packaging, we will be happy to refund your purchase. The exception to this is TinyTwin3D. For further details you can find our full return policy here.