Code3D is hiring!

Back in 2013, we made the bold move to take our 3D scanning and 3D printing expertise and create a new market to celebrate graduation in high-fidelity 3D print. Since then we have been growing and are now the largest 3D Graduation Figurine company in the country. We started in Sheffield (founder and owner is a Sheffield Uni Alumni) at The University of Sheffield Winter Graduation ceremony and have since grown to service some of the leading UK universities with our TinyTwin3D service.

We are seeking several roles, ranging from flexible working, part-time working and full-time work. We can also offer remote work opportunities too. If you are looking for a career that will enable you to grow in an exciting company with a bleeding edge product we want to hear from you!

The roles we are particularly interested in include:

  1. 6 x Event Based Sales Staff: Full-training provided, will include some travel (travel and accommodation provided), bonus scheme possible based on targets - Earn an extra £5-£15 per hour above minimum wage.
  2. 4 x Event Based 3D Scan Experts: Full-training provided, will include some travel (travel and accommodation provided). 3D scanning requires razer sharp attention, patience and an eye for detail.
  3. 1x 3D Print Technician: Office based with full-training provided. Based in Sheffield and part-time.
  4. 4x 3D Sculpt Artists: Remote working part-time and flexible working possible. Training provided, although some experience in 3D sculpting and/or design is a bonus. Attention to detail is a must. If you have an artistic streak within you and you can draw and paint then this is the role for you.
  5. 1x Office based Sales and Admin: Office based in Sheffield, full- or part-time. Ideally, we would like one of the above roles to grow into the sales and admin roles.

Please apply by emailing your CV to or send us an email to arrange a chat.

Thanks and good luck!


Code3D Team