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9am to 5pm Monday to Friday - Appointment only

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Hi and welcome to our online store!

We have been on a mission to bring you the latest 3D printed jewellery from world leading designers and we have been immortalising people in 3D glory across the land!

We arrived into the world of 3D printing and scanning many moons ago and it all began with our founding director studying Architectural Technology. Back in the day 3D printing was the thing of dreams, “tomorrow’s world” was promising everyone would have a printer in 5 years and the hope was that we would all end up printing our own shoes! This hasn’t quite happened, although there are a lot of 3D printed shoes!

Fast forward to today, and whilst 3D printing is in the news frequently, it hasn’t yet made it on to every desktop to replace your conventional printer. It is only a matter of time until we all have access to a 3D printer. In the meantime we aim to bridge the gap!

So in 2010, we began exploring how 3D printers will change the world. And in all honesty, we didn’t get very far! Yes, we printed some “things” and designed some jewellery and made a cup that didn’t work as a cup! Slightly disheartened but determined, we quickly realised that the 3D print quality wasn’t good enough for the mainstream and the costs were too high = back to the day job!

Fast forward to 2012, we picked up the 3D trail once again. Ordered our first 3D scanner and began making cake toppers for happy brides and grooms! At this point we were on the proverbial 3D printed hook!

Jumping to 2013, TinyTiwn3D was born. Starting out as an appointment only 3D scanning and 3D printed figurine business. This time the world of 3D printing was different, more vibrant, more exciting and with more products. We quickly decided that we wouldn’t sell printers, or scanners or any tech, gadgets or widgets. Instead we would focus solely on bringing you, the shopper, 3D printed products that we are proud of. We wanted to make a place where people could come to find out what 3D printing has to offer. Somewhere people could try on 3D printed jewellery or pop-in for a 3D scan.

We hope you like what we have to offer. We are working very hard on bringing you more and more products from local designers and we have some exciting things to come from TinyTwin3D!

Watch this space…not literally, you could just sign up to our newsletter below!

Thanks and happy shopping!